If you have selected a career that may have an apprenticeship option, you can prepare to land an apprenticeship in much the same way as a job.

Apprenticeship CAM

How do I become an apprentice? 

Try out pre-apprenticeship and pre-vocational courses to gain some skills

  • These courses can help you try out a trade or job and get some valuable experience. You’ll do some classroom learning that can earn credit towards a full apprenticeship.
  • Courses are usually offered at Certificate II level. If you are currently looking for work, there are courses available that can help you.
  • Ask your high school counselor or advisor about career technical education programs and courses (CTE)


edit f2In your CAM Workbook, enter the career for which you will apprentice along with the top three skills you have and need to learn for your career of choice. 

 Career Choice    Transferable skills I have                                     Skills I need to learn                                           
 Career 1      
 Career 2     

How do I find an employer who will take me on as an apprentice? 

Find an employer who will take you on as an apprentice or trainee

  • Talk to local businesses and find out how they recruit for apprentices or trainees. An employer in your area might be looking for someone right now. Check the Apprenticeship Finder and the Apprentice Evolution website to find employers registered to take on apprentices or trainees in your field of your choice.
  • Check with your school advisor to see if your district has CareerWise Apprenticeships available.
  • Check advertisements in newspapers: is anyone looking for apprentices or trainees? The employment section is the best place to start. Remember, some newspapers have online job ads that you can search as well.
  • Try online job sites such as Colorado ZipRecruiter or Craig’s List. Look for businesses that have openings for jobs in your career – they may be looking for apprentices or trainees.


edit f2When you have searched some of these sites, write down a list of employers and job opportunities for an apprentice. 



Mission Accomplished:  Show your CAM Ambassador your completed lists.  




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