Prepare Your Applications 

You’ve explored, researched and analyzed. Now you have to decide which schools you want to apply to or whether you also want to complete a military or apprenticeship application. To do that, take a look at your Career to Program to School worksheet from Week 3 or reenter the information below for your top career choice: 

edit f2 Copy the information from your Matching Schools table from Week 3. 


 Career                                                Program/Major     Level of Education*   College/School(s) or Military 

 *Certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree

 If you are not going to continue your education right now and have decided to “stop out” for a bit, that’s OK!

edit f2If you are headed into the workforce, record your work plans in the box in your CAM Workbook. 


For your next steps, choose from these credential options:



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