Narrow Down Your Schools and Prepare for the Application Process

You’ve explored, researched and analyzed. Now you have to decide which schools you want to apply to or whether you also want to complete a military or apprenticeship application. To do that, take a look at your Career to Program to School worksheet from Week 3 or reenter the information below for your top career choice: 

edit f2 Copy the information from your Matching Schools table from Week 3. 


 Career                                                Program/Major     Level of Education*   College/School(s) or Military 

 *Certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree

 If you are not going to continue your education right now and have decided to “stop out” for a bit, that’s OK!

edit f2If you are headed into the workforce, record your work plans in the box in your CAM Workbook. 


For your next steps, choose from these credential options:



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