Select Higher Education Programs

Now that you’ve identified a possible career path, it’s time to figure out what kind of education you’ll need.


edit f2Your Task: Use College In Colorado tools to identify three career possibilities and matching education and training pathways. 


Step 1: Click Your Portfolio > Career Planning Portfolio > Career Plans


Step 2: Scroll down to Career Cluster Survey. Under your Career Clusters, click View careers in this cluster.


Step 3: Review the careers you identified last week, or choose a new one using the Explore Careers links. You should have a list of at least three careers. Once you’ve navigated to a career, click What to Learn on the left navigation panel. Look at the Education Level and Extra Requirements sections. 

Week 3 Step 1


edit f2In your CAM Workbook, record your top three careers and level of education required for each. 

 Careers of Interest                          Education Required                                  


Step 4: Now look at the Beyond High School box. These are programs (sometimes called majors) that you can pursue to help you reach your career choice. 

 Week 3 Step 2


edit f2In the Matching Schools table in your CAM Workbook, write your top two careers in the first column and then list two programs for each career that sounds interesting. 

 Career                                             Program/Major      Level of Education     College/School(s)                                                                                    


Step 5: Now, click on the name of each program/major in the Beyond High School box. Read Just the Facts. In the table above, record the different level of education options (certificate, associate, etc.) that are available.


Step 6:  For each program, click Schools Offering This Program in the left navigation panel

Week 3 Step 3a


You will see the following screen.

Week 3 Step 3b

 Step 7: Look back to your favorite career list in your CAM Workbook. What level of education did it require? Click that level of education in the Find a School Offering this Program box. Then, pick Colorado from the dropdown list. Click GO.



  1. Not every school offers every program – or that exact title of program. If you don’t see college matches that you expect, go back to the “What to Learn” page of your career choice and select a related or more general program name from the Beyond High School box.
  2. Programs are offered at different levels of education. Sometimes you can get a certificate (one-year) or associates (two-year) program option at your local community college; some programs may only be offered as a four-year or even advanced degree.
  3. If you have your heart set on a particular program but don’t see a Colorado college listed, broaden your state selection to our region or the nation.


Step 8: As you find schools, click on their name to review information about them. Notice all the different tabs on the left that you can explore. 


ACC Matching School


edit f2In the Matching Schools table in your CAM Workbook, write down the colleges that sound most interesting to you. 




Mission Accomplished:  Show your CAM Ambassador your completed checklists to earn your stamp. 




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