Explore Higher Education Pathways

Many people think “higher education” means just four-year degrees, but there are multiple pathways available to you. For many good-paying jobs, a two-year degree or three-month certificate can set you up on a path to success.

edit f2Your Task: Use the College Application Tool to explore higher education pathways. 


Step 1: Open the College Admissions Tool.  Sign in using your CollegeInColorado account and click Option 1: Build Options

Week 1 Step 1


Step 2: Click Four-Year Colleges. Select the Benefits and Trade-Offs dropdown categories and readthrough the items for each category. Repeat for Two Year & Technical Colleges. 

Week 1 Step 2 v2 


Step 3: Now explore additional options by clicking the pathway options on the left side of your window: Apprenticeships, Private and Occupational & Technical Schools, U.S. Military and Direct to Work.

 Week 1 Step 3


Step 4: Complete the chart in your CAM Workbook as you explore. 

 Option  Summarize Benefits  Summarize Trade-Offs 
 Four-Year College  
 Two-Year & Technical Colleges    
 Private & Occupational Schools    
 U.S. Military    


Mission Accomplished:  Circle your favorite option in your CAM Workbook and have your CAM Ambassador stamp it. 


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