I Applied—What’s Next?

Four-Year Applications

Over the next several months, colleges will notify you of your admission status. Some will give you a decision soon after receiving your application; others may take longer. You may have to wait several months before you receive the decision in the mail, so don't panic!

After you've applied...

  • Continue to apply to colleges you wish to attend.
  • Check in with the admissions office to make sure your application is complete.

As you receive positive admissions decisions from each college

  • Review and compare the college's cost to the financial aid award letter they sent you.
  • Use the SLOPE Calculator to compare monthly loan payments to expected career salary.
  • Decide which school you will attend.
  • Be sure to read the information your college sends and mark your calendar with important dates. You don't want to miss the decision deadline!


Two-Year/ Technical School

Some two-year colleges will give you credit for prior learning from earlier work experiences. You may have to take a basic skills assessment, such as the ACCUPLACER, to help you and the college determine the best classes to take.


Continue to apply for scholarships

Scholarships help bridge the gap, and you can find one for just about anything (duct tape creations, zombie costumes—you name it!). The key is identifying opportunities that match your interests and qualifications and sticking to the submission deadlines.

With more than three million opportunities, our Scholarship Finder database can help you score some extra cash for school. Follow these simple steps:

  • Build your personal profile.
  • Find scholarships that match your skills, interests and qualifications.
  • Save and apply to the scholarships you selected.

Sign up for newly listed scholarship e-mail alerts.


Celebrate your hard work!

Remember to take some time and celebrate your accomplishments. Applying to postsecondary program a lot of work, but it's one of the best investments you can make in your future. Stay on top of your scholarship applications, decision deadlines and FAFSA filings to ensure you make the most of your opportunities!

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