There are more than a dozen four-year colleges and universities in Colorado and hundreds across the country! This week, we'll narrow down your options and learn more about the application process. 


If you know to which schools you plan to apply, jump to the Preparing Your Applications section


If you need to narrow down your options, follow the steps below! 


Narrowing Down Your Options Using School Finder


Step 1: From the CIC homepage, navigate to the College Planning > Explore Postsecondary Schools > School Finder.  


Step 2: Use the menu on the left side of your screen to filter by dozens of criteria. Click Programs/Majors Offered to select the postsecondary program(s) you identified earlier in CAM.  When you finish inputting criteria, scroll down and click See Matching Schools. 

Explore Schools Law


Step 3: Your criteria will generate a list of matching schools. To learn more about the school, click on the institution name.

School Finder 4 Year


Step 4: If you are interested in any Colorado four-year schools, visit the College Admissions Tool Matching College List. Enter your high school GPA and test scores. How competitive are you at each school? Select to Compare your favorites.

Select to Compare




Preparing Your Applications

Once you determine your school(s) of choice, you will need to complete the following tasks to apply. 

  • Submit your high school transcript to your institution(s) of choice.
  • Get a letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor.
  • Write a personal essay.


First, let's get organized! Fill out the four-year checklist in your CAM Passport. Here’s an example:

Program Application: Political Science at  Colorado Mesa University

I want to apply by: Nov. 9

 Tasks My Deadlines Notes
 Request Transcript  Oct. 12   Will need to talk to my counselor
 Get recommendation  Oct. 17   Will need to talk to my teachers
 Write first draft of personal essay  Oct. 25   Need to ask friends and family to proofread
 Fill out practice application worksheet  Oct. 27   Need to fill out with my family
 Write final version of personal essay  Oct. 28  
 Apply  Oct. 30  

Now that you have a plan in place, CIC has many tools and templates to help with each step of the application process.


Get your recommendation letter: Most colleges and universities will ask for a recommendation from a teacher, counselor, coach or other mentor. 


Write your personal essay: This is your opportunity to showcase your unique experiences and interests—what makes you you!


Get Ready to Apply


Mission Accomplished: Show your CAM Ambassador your completed checklist. 





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