You can earn a certificate, associate of arts degree or an associate of science degree at a two-year institution.


Important Information for Two-Year Institutions

Before you apply, think over these considerations:

  • Some colleges will give you credit for prior learning from earlier work experiences.


If you know to which schools you plan to apply, jump to the Preparing Your Applications section. 


If you need to narrow down your options, use the Colorado Training Providers website or the School Finder tool




Step 1: When you arrive at Colorado Training Providers Website, click Explore Careers.


Step 2: Click the general career area you would like to pursue. Then select your pathway. 

Week 5 Certificate Step 1a

Week 5 Certificate Step 1b


Step 3: Narrow down your occupation and program of study.

Week 5 Step 2


Step 4: You should see a list of available programs. Use the menus to the left to narrow down your options by zip code and cost. Under the Credential filter, select Associates – Liberal Arts (A.A.S) and/or Associates – General Studies. Once you find a program that works for you, click on the program link. This will take to a webpage with more information about the program.

 Week 5 AA Step 5 

  Found your program? Jump to Preparing Your Applications. 





Step 5a (Optional): From the CIC homepage, navigate to the College Planning > Explore Postsecondary Schools > School Finder.  


Step 5b: Use the menu on the left side of your screen to filter by dozens of criteria. Click Programs/Majors Offered to select the postsecondary program(s) you identified earlier in CAM.  When you finished inputting criteria, scroll down and click See Matching Schools. 


Step 5c: Your criteria will generate a list of matching schools. To learn more, click on the institution name.

 School Finder 2 Year




Preparing Your Applications

Let's get organized! Fill out the application checklist in your CAM Passport. 


Program Application: Paralegal AAS at Arapahoe Community College

I want to apply by: Nov. 9

 Information/Document Needed  Do I have it available?  Notes                                                                   
 My Social Security Number  Yes or No (DO NOT WRITE YOUR SSN HERE)
 My address and contact information    
 The academic program I want to study    
 The academic program I want to study    
 Citizenship/Visa information    
 Tasks  Deadline  
 Gather documents    

Most community colleges, two-year and occupational/technical schools have open admissions. If you are a high school graduate, typically you will automatically be admitted into these institutions.


Mission Accomplished: Show your CAM Ambassador your completed checklist to earn your stamp.



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