You can earn a certificate at a two-year institution or a private occupational school, such as an esthetician or culinary school. 


If you know to which schools you plan to apply, jump to the Preparing Your Applications section. 


If you need to narrow down your options, follow the steps below!


Step 1: When you arrive at Colorado Training Providers Website, click Explore Careers.


Step 2: Click the general career area you would like to pursue. Then select your pathway. 

Week 5 Certificate Step 1a

Week 5 Certificate Step 1b


Step 3: Narrow down your occupation and program of study.

Week 5 Step 2


Step 4: You should see a list of available programs. Use the menus to the left to narrow down your options by zip code and cost. Under the Credential filter, be sure to select Certificate. Once you find a program that works for you, click the link. This will take to a webpage with more information about the program.

Week 5 AA Step 5


Step 5: If your program belongs to a private occupational school, use the Program Overview information to find the program website and program contact. From here, you can learn how to apply through the program website.



If you don’t find a school that matches your program choice in, search programs in College In Colorado.


Explore Majors Schools



Preparing Your Applications


Most community colleges, two-year and occupational/technical schools have open admissions. If you are a high school graduate, typically you will automatically be admitted into these institutions.

Let's get organized! Fill out the application checklist in your CAM Passport. 


Program: Legal Technician Certificate

College or School: 

I want to apply by:

 Information/Document Needed Do I have it available?                                        Notes  
  My Social Security Number  Yes or No only--do not write your SSN here!                                                    
  My address and contact information    
  The academic program I want to study    
  Citzenship/Visa information    
  Tasks Deadline  Notes
 Gather application information    



Mission Accomplished: Show your CAM Ambassador your completed checklist to earn your stamp.




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