Identify Careers of Interests

Choosing your career path can seem overwhelming, so we’ve developed tools to help! The Career Cluster Survey will help you identify your unique talents and interests and match them with a suggested career field.


edit f2Your Tasks: Use the Career Cluster Survey to identify four careers of interest


Step 1: Navigate to Career Planning > Learn About Yourself > Career Cluster Survey. If you’ve already completed the Career Cluster Survey, click See your results now. 

Week 2 Step 1


Step 2: Complete the activities under the four sections: Activities You Like, Personal Qualities, School Subjects, Your Clusters


edit f2 Step 3: In your CAM Workbook, write a paragraph about your cluster results. Were you surprised? Why or why not?


Step 4: Next, click on the title of one of your top clusters; then click Careers. Click on a career and read about it using the tabs to the left.

Week 2 Step 2a

Week 2 Step 2b

Week 2 Step 3 v3


edit f2Step 5: In your CAM Workbook, identify your top two career choices in this cluster and write down one thing that surprised you about that career.


Step 6: Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for your additional career clusters.




Mission Accomplished: Once you write down your top four careers (two per cluster), show your CAM Ambassador to earn your stamp.




Want to explore more careers?

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What's a personal essay? 

Many scholarship and college applications will require you to create a personal statement or an essay. These short, personal essays help the individual reviewing student applications to get a sense of who you are and what you care about. Sometimes the instructions with the application will specify a topic on which you must write, but often the topic or theme will be up to you.

In addition to noting whether a topic is specified, be sure that you understand directions from the college or scholarship sponsor regarding the maximum number of words or pages allowed for your personal statement or essay, whether it must be typed, the document format (such as line spacing), and any other technical submittal requirements.

Once you have an understanding of the technical requirements for submittal, now the creative part of writing a strong essay or personal statement begins. The CollegeBoard has a good tips and techniques page that may help you, summarized below.


  • Keep Your Focus Narrow and Personal. Essays that try to be too comprehensive end up sounding watered-down. Remember, it's not about telling the committee what you've done (they can pick that up from your list of activities) instead, it's about showing them who you are
  • Prove It. Develop your main idea with vivid and specific facts, events, quotations, examples, and reasons. There's a big difference between simply stating a point of view and letting an idea unfold in the details
  • Be Specific. Avoid clichéd, generic, and predictable writing by using vivid and specific details


  • Don't Tell Them What You Think They Want to Hear. Most admissions officers read plenty of essays about the charms of their university, the evils of terrorism, and the personal commitment involved in being a doctor. Bring something new to the table, not just what you think they want to hear
  • Don't Write a Resume. Don't include information that is found elsewhere in the application. Your essay will end up sounding like an autobiography, travelogue, or laundry list
  • Don't Use 50 Words When Five Will Do. Eliminate unnecessary words
  • Don't Forget to Proofread. Typos and spelling or grammatical errors can be interpreted as carelessness or just bad writing. Don't rely on your computer's spell check.

Ready to write? Fill out the  pdf Writing Your Essay (451 KB)  worksheet. Make sure to share with people you trust and proofread before you submit it. 

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