This step-by-step guide will teach you how to run tracking reports each week as your students use the CAM ICAP. Running these reports will be a quick way to see which students should receive a stamp on their Passport as well as take a look at the quality of their work in their ICAP and portfolio.

STEP 1: Go to and sign in to your Professional Account.

  • Click the Reports tab, and then Create a New Report.
  • Choose the ICAP Tracking Report

ICAP Tracking Report

Step 2: The Choose Criteria page will help you define your report parameters. For this particular report, you want to see student work for each week of CAM. The CAM ICAP is designed with seven pages: one for each week, plus a follow up week called Up Next. To run a weekly tracking report, complete the following each week:

From the Choose ICAP Set drop down list, select your CAM ICAP name

From the Choose Page dropdown list, select Week 1.

Week 1 ICAP Reports

Depending on whether you created a group of your 12th-graders or assigned the CAM ICAP to a grade level (see Using the CAM ICAP Template), you will see to which set of students the page is assigned. You may also want to use other filters such as sex or ethnicity.

Click Continue. Decide whether or not you want to display graphs.

Click Create Report.

Create Report

The report will display.



Step 3: Understand report display

  • Notice that the information you selected for the set up process is displayed, including the last time the data was updated, the ICAP name (Set) and Week you selected (Page).
  • In the chart, you will see the total number of students in the report population and the completion totals for each activity – listed in the left column –and overall.
  • Below the Total Accounts chart is another chart listing each student with the activities they have completed, designated by a checkmark. Column headers (numbers 1 through 4 in this example), align to an activity in the Total Accounts chart (“1 My Skills,” 2 Education for my Career” and so forth).
  • Select a student name to dive into their portfolio.

View Reports ICAP

Step 4: Drill down into student’s CAM ICAP. 

Select the CAM ICAP name. 


Select the desired week. 


You can look at any of the activities in the student’s ICAP, whether completed or not, by scrolling down the page. You can also see which trackable activities are completed in the progress dashboard in the My Progress area. Completed items will be crossed out. Note that you can also write a comment in the student’s ICAP.

ICAP Progress

Completed activities will show the student’s results. If they have uploaded their worksheets, checklists or other information, it will appear in My Evidence Documents area.

My Evidence 

If you don’t have the time to view student portfolios one-by-one, see the next topic!



Step 5: Looking again at the report results page, you can easily see all students’ results by looking at the checkmarks in the table. However, if you have many students, complete the following:

Click Export.

Export Reports

Choose in what format you want your report exported then click Export Report. For CAM tracking for each week, we recommend exporting to Microsoft Excel. You can create a “master” list in one worksheet and keep adding the results to that worksheet as each week progresses.

Export Reports 2

If you choose to export to Excel, the first worksheet that will display is the Full Report.  This worksheet contains a bar graph showing overall results for each activity as well as detailed information for each student below. However, if you wish to manipulate the data, there is another worksheet more appropriate for use.

Full Report

Click the userDrilldown tab to see just the detailed student activity completion data.


In the example above, you see the student that has completed all four components of the Week 3 College Application Month ICAP.

Next, save the Excel spreadsheet to your hard drive to use in future weeks. Click File > Save As; then browse to your location to name and save.

If you want to sort the data, click and drag to highlight the table (do not include the numeric headers shown on Row 3 in the example above). Then, click Data > Sort > Sort by and select the column(s) by which you wish to sort.

In this example, we sorted by Column B. This allows you to see which students have not completed the first activity in the week.

ICAP Table Sort


Step 6: Repeat this process for each week of CAM to verify if they earned their stamp and help them qualify for a $1,000 scholarship.

Tip: If you create and save one “master” worksheet in Excel with your students in the original order, you can copy and paste each week’s results into that one master to view a complete picture of which activities all students completed over the entire CAM period.




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