To effectively monitor CAM activity completion, you will want to make sure that all of your 12th grade students have properly connected to your school or organization.

Log into your Professional Center account at

Step 1: Access Students & Groups from the home page of the Professional Center.

Students and Groups

Click Release student accounts in the Manage Student Accounts panel.

Release Student Accounts

Select 12th Grade from the Browse by Class topic.

 Browse by Class

Review the students in the list. Click the checkbox next to any students who are no longer at your school or organization or who will not participate in CAM. Click Release to remove these students from their connection with your school.

Release Students

Tip: If you make an error in releasing a student, they can always log back in and reconnect to your school or organization at Your Portfolio > Your Profile > The Basics.

Step 2: Look at the student list again. Are all your students there? If not:

  • Have the missing student log into their account and navigate to Your Portfolio > Your Profile >The Basics
    • Check their connection to your school or organization
    • Check their high school graduation year (should be 2019)

 Your Profile The Basics

  • Add another connection or change primary connection to connect to your school
  • Click edit to update Year of graduation

If the student does not have a account, have them create one. From the home page, click Create an Account.

CIC Create Account

Once all of your 12th graders appear in the Students and Groups 12th Grade list, you are good to go!


Tip: Did your students forget their sign-in information? Here are your alternatives:

  • Have them use the Forgot Your Username or Password? link from the home page;
  • Have the student call technical support: U.S. toll-free hotline:1-800-GO-TO-XAP (1-800-468-6927);
  • You can go into your Professional Center account, drill into the student’s portfolio by clicking on their name, and reset their password:

View Student Portfolio

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