In the CIC Professional Center, we’ve created a six-week Individual Academic and Career Plan (ICAP) template to guide and record student CAM activities. While you do not have to use the ICAP to participate in CAM, we encourage you to use it to fulfill ICAP requirements. 


CAM ICAP at a Glance

This CAM ICAP will help students complete many of the required elements for a complete ICAP, including career, pathway and education exploration during a guided six-week period in the fall. The student worksheets are embedded within the ICAP; you may also download them below.  Learn how to set up the CAM ICAP in the Professional Center

  ICAP Page    Section Worksheets   Number of Activities 
  Week 1   document Explore After-High School Options (216 KB)
  document Optional: Set Your Goal (319 KB)
  Week 2   document Explore Career Clusters (530 KB)
  Explore Careers
  Optional: Explore Top Colorado Industries
  Week 3   My Skills
  document Education for My Career (500 KB)
  document Schools for My Program (1.42 MB)
  Week 4   document Get Ready - Apprenticeship (264 KB)
  document Get Ready - Military (119 KB)
  document Get Ready - Certificate (634 KB)
  document Get Ready - Associate Degree (555 KB)
  document Get Ready - Bachelor’s Degree (790 KB)
 12 total among five sections; students do one section
  Week 5   document Aid Applications (372 KB)   Two
  Week 6   Information for My Applications
  document Apply (139 KB)
 Up Next   document FAFSA Follow-Up (188 KB)
  document Review Correspondence  (123 KB)
  document Decide  (130 KB)

If students want a written record of their work in addition to their digital portfolio, have them print out the CAM Passport.


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