College Application Month would not be possible without dedicated educators, so we are thrilled to have your support! We've created a toolkit of resources that can help you deliver high-quality education and career planning during this campaign and beyond. 


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If you plan on participating in CAM, please fill out this three-minute registration form. This will help us keep track of events statewide and provide you with an adequate amount of resources.


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Educators who sign up will receive a CAM resource box with a poster, educator guide and a stamp that helps you track students' progress through the campaign. We will also send you a prize for every participating senior in October.


What is College Application Month? 

College Application Month (CAM) is a six-week boot camp to get students and adult learners to identify career goals, research matching education programs and apply successfully. We hope this campaign will be a convenient way to get participants thinking deeply about their future.


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How does it work?

High school seniors will work through a series of College In Colorado (CIC) activities to plan and apply to higher education programs. To deliver the content, you may either use the online CAM ICAP template, available through CIC's Professional Center, or have students download and print out a CAM Passport and follow step-by-step directions posted on the CAM website.

Each week, students will tackle a major step in the application process. You can embed these lessons in your regular planning, or you can assign the tasks as homework: 

Week 1: Explore education pathways.

Week 2: Choose four careers of interest.

Week 3: Select higher education programs.

Week 4: Narrow down your schools and prepare your applications.

Week 5: Get familiar with the FAFSA and COF application process and file your FAFSA

Week 6: Apply!  


As a CAM Ambassador, you will stamp each student's CAM Passport when they successfully complete each week's task. To help participants navigate the CIC site, we’ve provided step-by-step directions for each week, located in the Student section of the CAM website and in the CAM ICAP worksheets.


CAM Contests

Student Scholarship Giveaway

Once participants complete the CAM tasks, they will be eligible to enter a drawing for a $1,000 scholarship by:

The exit survey will not ask for any sensitive or personal information--just students' first and last names, their high school, email address and their passport answers. Undocumented students are encouraged to enter the scholarship giveaway! 

For additional prizes, students can take a selfie with this #IApplied template and tag CIC on Twitter (@CollegeInCo) or Facebook ( or send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finally, we encourage you to have the students sign the #IAppliedCO poster and write the program of their choice. Send us pictures of your school's poster using the email and social media handles above! 


Educator Prizes

The educators/administrators who have the highest percentage of students who filled out the educator survey will enter our drawing for exciting prizes! The contest officially ends Nov. 9, 2018 for both educators and students. 


Why does it matter? 

Studies show that by 2020, nearly three in four jobs in Colorado will require some kind of higher education or training. To continue our momentum as a state, we need more students and adult learners to find a postsecondary path that suits their unique talents and interests. 

Higher education is not just good for individuals—it’s good for our state too! Graduates of postsecondary programs are more likely to be employed, earn more money over their lifetimes and lead healthier lives. As a CAM Ambassador, you are helping us erase our equity gaps and ensure every Coloradan has the opportunity to reach their potential.


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